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Ekonomska škola, Šibenik, Croatia

We have a very long tradition in education in economic sector and we can state that a great number of our versatile pupils, are today’s famous sports persons, entertainers and politicians. The school trains students in three vocations: economists, commercial specialists and administrative officers.
We think that our aim is to create modern, young entrepreneurs who can represent our school and community in the world of work on international levels.
The fact that we should be the coordinators is a challenge and we hope to be able to carry out the whole project on everybody’s satisfaction.
The school is involved in educational processes such as competitions in different subjects (sports, foreign languages, entrepreneurship, marketing, informatics, and history), charity work and cooperation with local and national Red Cross, activities dedicated to preservation of environment in cooperation with the local authorities and the National Park Krka.
As far as inner organization is concerned, the school has many extracurricular activities which involve our pupils. We have 13 sport teams that compete with excellent results on national level, journalism group, music group, web group.

Let`s plant a tree

Our school will participate in the local mission of planting trees in the vicinity of the National Park Krka. The whole county will participate. We will be back with the report.POSADI STABLO_WEB_POP up_TZ_1000x750(1)

Water analysis in the Šibenik-Knin County

  • Public water supply in the area of Sibenik – Knin County was organized in over 5 water systems operated by utility companies
  • Percentage of population connected to public water supply systems is high and amounts to 85%
  • The main resources in the county, groundwater, generally high quality, but because of the karst terrain is very sensitive to hydrological conditions.

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Keeping up with the Europeans

It`s no longer just in the movies or soap operas, it is now in your life. We are bombarded with American movies where kids go to different camps, and travel around Europe, find partners. This time things are different. Europeans have charmed themselves.

Comenius project is a program of lifelong learning which promotes the European dimension of education and provides  the acquisition and improvement of skills. Brave and bold economists in Šibenik opted for the application and were selected to participate. Professor Ivana Kardum Goleš was elected as a coordinator of the project. How did she come upon the role of the coordinator, what are the impressions and reviews and what guests say about visiting the beauties of the county, find out below. 

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